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The Self in the Realms Ontology: A Critical View of Hannah Arendt’s Conception of the Human Condition

The proposed lecture presents the main points of Arendt’s ontological approach to the self, whose formulation started in The Human Condition, and tests it against her book Eichmann in Jerusalem.

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The Realism of Transcendence: A Critical Analysis of Hedwig Conrad-Martius’ Early Ontology

Hedwig Conrad-Martius' phenomenology of reality unravels the constituting principles of the real external world. Transcendence transpires as the depth and most ultimate meaning of externality and of reality as such.

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Published online: May 7, 2014

The Desire for Metaphysics: Selected Papers on Karl Jaspers

This collection is founded on the argument that the desire for metaphysics is greater than any other human desire, due to the nature of metaphysics itself.

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